Nightly cleaning services are provided five (5) times per week, Sunday through Thursday, with the exception of holidays, commencing at approximately 6:00 PM. Sunday cleaning is completed during the morning hours.

Day Porters

A full-time Day porter will be on the premises during the day to maintain a consistently high level of appearance and cleanliness in the lobbies, corridors and common areas of the building. They will also check the restrooms regularly for proper operation, cleanliness and adequately stocked paper supplies.

In addition to their normal duties, day porters will be available to correct any item overlooked in your suite by the nightly janitorial crew. You may obtain this service by contacting the Management Office.

Carpet Cleaning

Unless otherwise provided in your Lease, carpet cleaning of tenant space during the term of your lease will be at your expense. The janitorial contractor is equipped to provide this service to tenants of 2050 Main Street at a competitive rate. Please contact the Management Office for details, cost estimates and assistance in coordinating this service.

Specialized Janitorial Services

If you require special cleaning services or would like to discuss cleaning issues, please contact the Management Office.