Heating and air conditioning will be furnished during business hours, pursuant to the hours in your lease, Monday through Friday.

Should you require an adjustment to the heating/cooling in your suite, please contact our office, as the controls to the system are through our computerized state of the art energy management system. The thermostats in your office are sensitive devices which can easily be thrown out of calibration and we ask that you refrain from making your own adjustment with these.

At all other times, air conditioning will be available at a charge as indicated in your lease and will be invoiced monthly. We have provided your offices with instructions and a Tenant Manager for accessing the after hours HVAC access system.

To receive after-hours heating, ventilation and air conditioning authorized users can utilize a telephone interface system as well as a Web interface. Authorized users have been provided a Tenant ID with a PIN for identification and access into the system. Access to the after hours HVAC access system can be generated from your home telephone, cell phone or by the web. This can be programmed days, weeks, even up to a year in advance.

In an effort to exercise good energy management practices the HVAC system will not be running automatically as has occurred in the past on Saturdays and on “other days” such as the day after Thanksgiving, etc. However, due to lease arrangements with you, all service during normal Saturday lease hours or on those “other days” will be free, as before.

If you plan to occupy your suite during these hours, a request will need to be generated by telephone or Internet Website. You will have the flexibility to order service as long as you desire for that day as well. Again, all after regular lease hour’s service will be billable.

The telephone access number for the new system is (949) 356-6200 and the web address is

Additional information is available in the Forms section of this Tenant Handbook.